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  • Festive Times Bouquet

  • I always get so excited when Judy at Anuhea Flowers comes up with a new arrangement for the season! For this holiday season, Judy has put together a lovely bouquet with a "raspberry frost" Banksia Protea as the centerpiece and surrounded it with sunset colored[...]
  • Finding the Light

  •   So Miss Peyton is on her way to a HUGE modeling career (wink, wink) and so we went to Oluwalu Beach to take some photos of Peyton for her portfolio. For this portrait session, I went back and forth between using available light and using fill light f[...]
  • Halloween Boo-quet

  • It's always fun to do something a little different and this week we photographed Judy's hauntingly beautiful Halloween Boo-quet at Anuhea Flower Farm! Judy comes up with the most wonderful flower arrangements and this boo-quet is no exception. A "ghost-white" [...]