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  • Sunset at La Perouse Bay

  • My daughter is out of school for a few more days, so we decided to go to La Perouse Bay for an afternoon walk. I brought my camera along (of course) and managed to get in a few quick shots before my daughter decided that she had had enough (*sigh*). It's a lon[...]
  • Wishing you a spectacular 2017!

  • I love writing with sparklers! Photography basically means writing with light and this is literally writing with light! It's one of my favorite things to do and I do one for each new year (although this is my first posting of one *laugh*). A simple timed expos[...]
  • Vog vanquishes views

  • Maui is known for it’s fabulous weather, beautiful beaches and oceans, and is pretty much one of the most stunning places in the world! And most of the vacation rentals have fantastic water, clear blue sky, and beautiful outer islands that give us[...]