A Tuscan Moment on Maui – Sunflowers in Ma’alaea

When driving to a vacation rental photography assignment in Kahana a couple of weeks ago, I thought I had been transported to Tuscany! Driving along Kuihelani Highway I passed by a most beautiful sight…a field of radiant sunflowers! At the time, I could only stare in awe at this remarkable field of flowers and continue on my way to the photo assignment – clients always take priority! Today, I was finally able to take a moment and return to photograph this impressive field of sunflowers.

There were quite a few people…families having their photos taken, couples taking selfies, and people just wanting to get shots of this unique image of Maui. There was even a drone flying overhead. I took out my cell phone so I could take a photo and send it to my husband (hint, hint…we have to go together and take a family photo, too!). He said that the sunflowers were “spellbinding against the backdrop of the mountain” – he’s such a poet!

And, indeed, it was a very spellbinding experience. As a Maui photographer, I’ve seen and experienced so many new and interesting things on Maui (and I’ve been here for a long time) and this has to be one of my favorites!  As I walked through the field, my awareness of the sound of the passing highway traffic dropped away and all that remained was the sound of the bees humming happily and the wind blowing gently through the sunflowers.