Buckingham Palace

So I should probably start this blog post off with some keywords, such as ‘condo photography’ or ‘vacation rental photography’, but this isn’t about either of those things. Perhaps I’ll throw in some ‘architectural photography’ for good measure, but this is simply meant to be a blog post about one of the many things we saw on our amazing trip to the Netherlands and England. This was our daughters first trip abroad and was born out of a desire to visit family and to show her that the world is a remarkably different place from Maui.

So, of course, Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard was on our to-do list.

Trying to get a peek of the Changing of the Guard is close to impossible if you happen to show up with only 30 minutes to spare (apparently, being at least an hour in advance is best for getting a good viewing place). We had no idea where the best place to stand would be and so we started out at the Canada Gate and then slowly made our way to the gate in front of Buckingham Palace. We knew it would be packed, but we were hoping that our daughter would get a glimpse of the ceremony. And she did get a glimpse, but that was about it as it was just too crowded. The person with the best view happened to be standing on the shoulders of another person!

Luckily, we were at the outer edge of the crowd for part of the time and Sophia still managed to see the Guards as they were entering and exiting the grounds to Buckingham Palace. I, however, was a little further back and ended up with a multitude of phones in my frame. I do have a few unobstructed photos, but honestly, this is how I will remember being at Changing of the Guard.

We were not invited to tea with the queen (*laugh*), so we went on our merry way. I’m not sure what Sophia’s memories will be of this event that is so steeped in history and tradition, but hopefully she came away with expanded horizons and the expert ability to navigate a large crowd!