Halloween Boo-quet

It’s always fun to do something a little different and this week we photographed Judy’s hauntingly beautiful Halloween Boo-quet at Anuhea Flower Farm! Judy comes up with the most wonderful flower arrangements and this boo-quet is no exception. A “ghost-white” mink, autumnal colored pincushions, and other “spooky” foliage are artfully arranged in a box hand painted with a delightful pumpkin motif by Melody Koerber.

When we photograph the arrangements, we always begin with a classic studio look – the arrangement against a white background with lots of good light. Photographing an arrangement in a studio setting creates a consistent look and shows off the arrangement beautifully. And while photographing a product in a studio setting can make it look fantastic, seeing how the natural environment can be used to enhance the subject can take that subject to a whole new magical level!

Since we were on location at the farm, we decided to take a walk outside to see how the surroundings could really make this arrangement pop! We found the perfect spot on a weather worn fence post with a bit of rusted barbed wire (to give the arrangement a more “Halloween” feel) and a backdrop of blue sky. We added a little extra light to brighten up the some of the shadows and voila…the Wickedly Cute Halloween Boo-quet!

Ready to get the season going with a boo-tiful autumn boo-quet? Check out Anuhea Flowers and order your own wickedly cute box of protea!