Finding the Light


So Miss Peyton is on her way to a HUGE modeling career (wink, wink) and so we went to Oluwalu Beach to take some photos of Peyton for her portfolio. For this portrait session, I went back and forth between using available light and using fill light from a camera mounted speed light. I also brought along my new 5-in-1 reflector so I could experiment!

My daughter Sophia came along since it was really a play date with a beach photography session hidden in the mix and and so it was a bit challenging to keep the girls focused, but Peyton was motivated enough to stick with it until we had enough photos. I started out using the natural light and adding in some flash when needed and then I brought out the reflector.

The reflector came out with a flourish (it’s really cool looking when the reflector unfurls…the girls were super wowed)! I ended up using the gold side (which I learned at a recent PPA Super 1 Day Photography Workshop with Aubrey Hord that gold was probably the least favorable reflector color to use because of the color cast, but at least I know for next time!). Upon seeing the reflector, both girls wanted to use it to “find the light.”


Sophia ended up being my fabulous assistant and held the reflector first.  Sophia’s job: to reflect the light onto Peyton. Easier said than done! It took several tries…the wind was blowing and Sophia’s hair was in her face and the reflector kept whipping around, but Sophia was my fierce assistant! She managed to hold the reflector still long enough to illuminate Peyton. Sophia found the light (view the above photo to see the difference)!


Next, it was Peyton’s turn to hold the reflector. I think she spent more time dancing around with the reflector than holding it still, but I’m just gonna assume it was the wind again! (*laugh*) Peyton did a great job with the reflector as well, but then then the girls got goofy and mayhem ensued!

And so ended our Maui beach portrait session…with fun, laughter, and a relaxing sunset swim! What more could I ask for?