Maui vacation rental photography

It’s all about the 42%

This is an important number for all Vacation Rental Properties and the key to increasing bookings. Trip Advisor surveyed over 1,400 U.S. Travelers and reported that 42% of Travelers cited photos as the primary influence when choosing between rental properties.

The right quality photos can positively influence a traveler’s decision to select your property over other competing rental properties.

Our photography practice is sharply focused on creating influential images that highlight the positive attributes of each unit and inspire the traveler with a true feeling of what it is like to stay in the unit.

Overview of our photography services

Here are some of the important actions we take when photographing each property:

  • Photograph when weather conditions are favorable
  • Use professional equipment to properly light interiors
  • Carefully compose each shot to express positive qualities
  • Remove minor items that may clutter a scene and distract
  • In-unit staging – Make optimal use of existing furniture and décor items to capture what makes the unit unique and desirable
  • Embellishing scenes with flowers gathered from common areas
  • Capture view photos from living spaces where both interior and exterior spaces are perfectly exposed. This is vital as it gives travelers a true sense of what they will see from a given unit
  • When TV’s are present in the scene, have them on and displaying beautiful imagery
  • Extensive post production to bring out the best quality on each image